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Understand your Business Health at a glance with Nimble Accounting

Nimble Accounting is a cloud-based all in one Accounting Software that is securely accessible on the go. All you may need is a Computer or Tablet or a Smart Phone for you to log in from anywhere, at any time and access all of your Business information. All Business data is presented in an intelligent way on a simple Dashboard screen which is customizable to suit according to your Business requirements allowing to reduce your days out-standings while accommodating your Clients complex billing requirements. Nimble Accounting helps to manage all your Business finances on a single screen to get a clear picture of your Company's health by ...
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Minimize Bench time process using smart Nimble Staffing solutions

Regardless of the size of your staffing business, every entrepreneur would agree that the most critical aspect of every corporate decision is the financial one. Managing staffing business can be sometimes extremely time-consuming, especially when one works with a patchwork of on-premise systems and legal programs which require constant upgrading. Whether you’re running a consulting staffing firm, maintaining high utilization of your employees and simultaneously reducing bench time process drives higher billings, higher revenue and ultimately gaining on higher profit margins. It is also a critical measure of financial success and sustainability. Yet tracking and measuring utilization pose challenges. As the problem deepens, consolidating requires more time, and ...
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