Nimble Staffing helps you to arrest Revenue Leakage of your Staffing Firm

The basic principle to adopt for your staffing business success is tight financial controls and good budgeting. Even the largest multi-national companies those that do billions of dollars in sales each year tend to be very careful with their expenditures. Constantly looking for ways to cut costs while maintaining the same level of quality and focusing on frugality at all times can help in the business stay afloat financially.

Most Staffing Companies need to follow complex revenue recognition guidelines that traditional accounting systems were not designed to handle. Organizations today normally adopt manually intensive, error-prone spreadsheets to manage their revenue recognition processes, resulting in lengthier closes, poor audit trails subjecting to higher costs. Nimble Staffing helps organizations adapt and comply with evolving revenue recognition guidelines. It enables companies to increase productivity by automating the revenue recognition, billing, and renewal processes, gain real-time visibility into future, while reducing Days Sales Outstanding in real-time. You can run detailed reports on virtually any data in the system and drill down into the source documents with a single click. Get customized alerts on pending time- sheets, reminders to raise invoices, visa due date alerts along with notifications on credit days and A/R aging info and more. This provides you with a clear understanding and direction of the tasks and requirements necessary for the most cost-efficient implementation of accounting process to stop revenue leakage.

Moreover Nimble Staffing is easy to adapt to your staffing business processes with customizable workflows, fields, forms, documents, reports, and dashboards. You can analyze payroll expenses and employee productivity to help control costs and review expense distribution. It helps you to streamline data entry, accelerate your financial close through automation, increases the accuracy of financial reporting and reduces the burden of compliance. In addition to printing checks and paying employees, you can easily maintain detailed Accounting records with clear audit trails, track paid time off, and keep yourself up-to- date with minimal errors.

To get in control and effectively manage revenue leakage of your staffing business use Nimble Staffing as payroll processing can be a huge hassle and a real drain on your time, money and resources. Start fast with pre-built charts of accounts, workflows, dashboards, and our library of more than 50+ financial reports. There is no upfront investment on infrastructure set up as you may require a one-time subscription fee, making it extremely cost effective and customizable to suit any type of Staffing Business.

Subscribe today with Nimble Staffing for effective management of your Staffing Business with maximum efficiency with ease of implementation and maintenance.

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