Minimize Bench time process using smart Nimble Staffing solutions

Regardless of the size of your staffing business, every entrepreneur would agree that the most critical aspect of every corporate decision is the financial one. Managing staffing business can be sometimes extremely time-consuming, especially when one works with a patchwork of on-premise systems and legal programs which require constant upgrading.

Whether you’re running a consulting staffing firm, maintaining high utilization of your employees and simultaneously reducing bench time process drives higher billings, higher revenue and ultimately gaining on higher profit margins. It is also a critical measure of financial success and sustainability. Yet tracking and measuring utilization pose challenges. As the problem deepens, consolidating requires more time, and you still can’t reach re-keying numbers no matter how hard you try. This is where Enterprise Resource solutions like Nimble Staffing is helpful which allows you to gather information in a single database, keep it accurate, and dissolve data logjams to free time and help you make smarter decisions.

Nimble Staffing provides built-in business project controls, data consistency at the point of entry, real-time analytics and live integration capabilities. It is not odd for staffing companies to refuse ERP software like Nimble Staffing, believing that they still haven’t reached the state of accounting chaos that would require one. While this may sound as a cost-efficient solution at the beginning, companies do underestimate the importance of the ‘Better safe than sorry’ slogan, and the fact that the ‘chaos’ is much scarier once it actually happens.

Nimble Staffing offers a complete agile digital solution to reduce any possible bench time process enabling higher business performance through unparalleled speed and visibility as you get detailed view and reports of LCA/GC compliance, employee outstanding’s, month wise placement details, number of projects started and ended gain/loss analysis of head-count and income, our profitability on each consultant along with number of consultants on billing with clear separation between  W2, C2C, 1099 and more. The ability to track actual time versus planned time by project prevents unnoticed budget overruns and improves forecast accuracy.

There is no upfront investment on infrastructure setup as Nimble Staffing requires only a one-time subscription, making it extremely cost-effective to suit all types of staffing business.

Subscribe today with Nimble Staffing for effective management of your staffing business with maximum efficiency along with ease of implementation and maintenance.

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