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Crossing over a valley of staffing & consulting companies’ death gets more and more common these days in U.S. This phenomenon refers to the fact that there are plenty of tough challenges being faced by firms in the staffing & consulting industry, who must embrace change and quickly adapt to the latest technology landscape in order to retain in a newly digitized world.

For instance, let’s consider IT Staffing arena; in today’s world owners face a host of business challenges in Invoicing, Billing, Bank Reconciliation, Timesheet Management, getting Financial Reports, consolidating Accounts, managing Consultants, staying up-to-date with compliance, tracking Income & Expenses, Tax Payments’ calculation, analyzing Profit & Loss, Sales & Recruitment Staff Performance, Intercompany Management, Commission Calculations, missing on Project Start/End dates and A/R & A/P, many more accounting & business operations.

Move from Excel – Switch to Automation

Businesses relying on excel spreadsheets to manage aforementioned accounting and operations prone to errors – just one bad cell can distort the numbers you use to make important decisions. The business data & analytics need to be tracked on regular basis to create accurate financial reports or else things start to go wrong.

Speed – Accuracy – Usability: It matters!

Move ahead from manual way of traditional accounting to automated way of simplified accounting and stay organized. Nimble Staffing Software is a great significance in this lineup, delivering a comprehensive suite of features that eliminates excel work, speeds up all your operations and automates complex accounting tasks. Dedicated ‘Consultant Center’, Timesheet Management, Auto-Invoicing, Commission Calculations, Bank Reconciliation, Billing & Vendor Management, Payroll Preview, Profitability Analysis, Exclusive 80+ Reports, Real-time Alerts on project end dates, Visa expiry, pending timesheets, aging invoices, recurring payment and utilities, just to name a few.

At Nimble, we thrive on simplifying the challenges you face in managing business operations, internal accounting and finance related functions.

‘You’ve got challenges. We’ve got solutions’ – Try Nimble!

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