Automation – It’s all about working SMARTER, not HARDER.


As we all know, there’s been an age-old tedious practice of using excel sheets. Especially, in Accounting! But, have you ever wondered how efficient is it to rely on ’em?

Let’s take an instance –

In the modern day era, Staffing companies still tend to use excel to track their consultants’ timesheets, calculate commissions, process invoices, handle complex finances and manage their business operations. But, how many knew that, it becomes inevitable to lead accounting disruptions and prone to big-time errors, leaving Staffing firms in the dark. If commissions are not paid on time to the sales team, it leads to their ineffectiveness. Missing an eye on finances or cash flow plunge to take wrong business decisions. Processing invoices, timesheets using paper requires copious time and will subject to errors. Slip way of consultants’ Visa expiry and other crucial info will become a gateway to risky compliance filings.


Here is where, Automation comes into the play which lets you discover the potential to lower accounting and operational slips. And, it’s time to move away from that age-old manual process and step into the ever evolving automation world. Nimble Staffing Solution is what an IT staffing owner will need, the automation excellence here is at a par! Continue reading and you’ll figure it out why it is so,

Nimble is not just about accounting, it’s much more than that.

Comprehensive and tailor-made Staffing solution ‘Nimble’ is very precisely designed to automate all your accounting and operational business needs. What you get here –

  • Once timesheets are entered & approved, invoices are generated automatically
  • Send multiple invoices to your vendors all at one shot within few clicks
  • Set frequency, send timesheet links automatically to your consultants
  • Auto commissions – Calculate Flat | Fixed |Gross Margin for your desired sales team member
  • Customized reports are created automatically at your convenience access
  • Automatically generate combined financial statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Bill Entries
  • Auto reconcile your books of accounts by connecting with Nimble

Make your business-decisions always right!

Over all business health at a glance within few clicks on an intuitive dashboard, which covers business summary, sales performance, revenue details, profitability & expense analysis and billed vs. unbilled. Custom-made ‘Consultant Center’ lets the user to manage all your consultants (W2 | C2C | 1099 | Perm) at one place. Real-time alerts on pending timesheets, invoices and overdue transactions. Besides, Inter Company feature, 80+ Exclusive reporting Structure, Bank reconciliation, Multi User Entry, Timesheet Management, Commission Calculations and more insightful features fall in the forte of Nimble Staffing.

Ready to try Automation to stay on top of your business?

If your answer is yes, then contact us – | 1-866-9NIMBLE

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