Multi Company Accounting Is No More Complex

Staffing business solution

Any business that has a presence in multiple locations can easily face ‘double trouble’ situation when it comes to accounting. Each subsidiary or division has to streamline its books, manage Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP), and operations.

Centralizing group finances efficiently at one place will avoid this emergence. Because recording& tracking inter-company operations, processing bill transfers and managing accounts are made easy, everything on a single consolidated platform.

Single LOGIN to Combine Accounts

Nimble is one such software, shaped in to a vision to deliver maximum value for IT Staffing Industry. Own a staffing conglomerate with multiple location presence? Then Nimble is for you!

As an owner, you can acquire QUICK access from anywhere, anytime to manage all your business operations with drilldown functionality. Automatically generate combined financial statements – Profit& Loss and comparison reports with ease. Nimble allows you to increase visibility on finances, standardize your business processes and streamline data management, at your fingertips.

Sneak Peek into the workflow –


Create multi-location, multi-department and multi-company business entities and manage accounts from a single window.


Automatically generate combined financial statements – P & L, Balance Sheet etc.


Automatically generate profit center wise P&L comparison reports.

If you are facing multi-corporation accounting challenges, Nimble Staffing Business Solution is for you!

Try Nimble and acquire an exceptional control over your intercompany business operations.

Do contact us, we will help you go through the complete solution –

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