Staying up-to-date with your Compliance to avoid penalties

LCA/GC Compliance

Purpose Nowadays, missing on compliance matters may cause economic damages to companies. Especially, if you’re running a Staffing Business, it becomes crucial to keep up-to-date with your consultants’ travel compliance information. So, staying abreast of Form I-94, the Arrival-Departure history, H-1B Visa file extensions or renewals, regulatory changes and employment laws becomes compulsory as they […]

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Keep up to date with your employee LCA Compliance information using Nimble Accounting

What is LCA/GC? LCA stands for Labor Condition Application which the Employer needs to file with US Department of Labor (DOL) before they file the H1B petition with (USCIS) United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. A Labor Certification is a document issued by the Department of Labor that allows an Employer to file an employment […]

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