Importance & Impact of Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) in Hotel Industry

Understanding the guests becomes crucial to owners’ success in the hospitality industry. To improve the guests experience in a hotel, the manager or hotelier need to gather the valuable feedback & measure it through surveys, so that they can analyze better and serve best to ultimately increase consumers loyalty and hotel’s revenue. However, to deliver excellence in service, measure satisfaction and exceed expectations of guest, deeper insights into hotel’s operational / service strengths and weaknesses are required.

Hoteliers or managers depending on the traditional way of measuring guest satisfaction has been reported to be ineffective due to many limitations and also inaccuracy in data. That’s where the Guest Satisfaction Survey (GSS) comes into the picture, where one can gather value direct feedback from customers and his/her guest satisfaction scores with the market trends comparison. By this way, one will be able to see where the hotel standout across the market so that the service can be improved and become more desirable. Usage of survey software becomes very important in understanding the guests and pin pointing the places which the hotel needs to improve to provide best in class service.

Utilizing Guest Surveys for better service:

  • Sending Guest survey links directly to guests to collect the feedback & fetch rating, once the guest vacates the hotel.
  • At a convenience of time, customers can leave reviews and rate the hotel on the form sent by hoteliers.
  • Making sure that the reviews are closely monitored.
  • Retailing and making a proper follow up to the guests after their feedback, to retain them if they had a negative experience.
  • Depending on the survey improving the weak areas of the hotel to improve and retaining the customers.

Across the market in US, beyond providing GSS info – there are best-in-class hotel accounting and operations simplifying software that does most of the hotels’ administrative tasks, once the PMS is integrated. Nimble Property is one of it, which stands-out to be top-notch software, which minimizes the administrative efforts and operational costs associated with the hospitality management. It empowers the user with consolidated accounts, customization reports, solves the complexity of manual entries while enabling unparalleled visibility into your hotel’s performance.

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